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This project hasn't started yet! I'm still writing the analysis but a few extra brain cells is always welcome!

Project Description
Organize your tasks in an efficient way. Assign tasks to members of your team. Create workflows for your team.
Written in C# and ASP.NET MVC.

Why did I start this project?
Making mistakes is part of the learning process. They can be painful especially when they are made at work; there’s a cost attached to it.

Why not start a project on my own? Mistakes will be less painful (only my ego will be damaged), I learn something new and there isn’t a cost attached to it. I can share the code with the world and hopefully people will optimize my code so I will learn something new! But what sort of application should I develop?

Because I’m having some trouble to find an efficient and organized way to manage my tasks I was thinking to create a planning tool. It’s not only for my messy brain but I also noticed that some people are using Excel to manage their tasks.

Why not use a special developed application for this purpose? Or wouldn’t it be easier if the head of the department could centralize this data? He can assign tasks to specific people in his team and see how much of the task has been completed so far.

The people in the team will have a nice overview of all the assigned tasks and can see which tasks are more important… Maybe each task could contain multiple steps and maybe each step must be completed by a different department. This way the person who created the task can see which department is currently working on the task. Some sort of workflow…
Maybe we can all integrate this with Active Directory if needed?


Maybe we should start with the functionality to create a new task and assign it to people. The most basic functionality of the tool!
  • Tasks should be divided in categories and several tags can be assigned to each task.
  • It can have several tags but only one category
  • Tasks should be assigned to certain people or groups.
  • Each task should have a progress bar to see the current state of the task.
  • Each task can contain multiple steps
    • Each step can be executed by several other people
    • Some sort of workflow
  • Possibility to send mail updates
  • Possibility to add comments to each tasks or step within a task

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